How do electronic stimulators work?

Answer Electronic stimulators, also called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units, can help relieve pain due to illness or injury. Electronic stimulator therapy often works best when com... Read More »

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Do electronic muscle stimulators build muscle?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsThe Food and Drug Administration has approved electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) devices for the treatment of specific medical conditions. This includes the preventi... Read More »

How do electronic checks work?

Electronic checks are used to withdraw money from your account without submitting the actual paper check. The check is electronically recorded and the information is sent to your bank. The bank the... Read More »

How Do Electronic Car Keys Work?

The traditional form of car key is called a master lock key. It works simply by being placed into the ignition, thus disengaging the steering lock. Electronic keys work slightly different, using ne... Read More »

Do electronic water conditioners work?

On One Hand: They May Limit ScaleThere are many anecdotal reports of magnetic and electronic water conditioners limiting scale buildup over time, too many to dismiss. In 2001, the Water Quality Ass... Read More »