How do dolphins drink their water?

Answer While there are several species of freshwater dolphin, most are of the ocean variety. Like their freshwater cousins, ocean dolphin require freshwater for survival; therefore, they cannot drink seaw... Read More »

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Why do dolphins jump out of water?

Dolphins are very intelligent and active mammals. They have large brains and are very curious. They dance, sing, play, fight and can jump as high as 16 feet out of the water. The exact reasons dolp... Read More »

Why do dolphins jump out of the water?

Dolphins are intelligent mammals that come in different sizes and colors. They usually swim in pods of two to 12. Even though dolphins move around by swimming, they also often jump out of the water... Read More »

Do you like dolphins i love their water shows?

I work in a shipyard and when a ship comes in the dolphins will escort it in and jump out of the water in pairs....just like sea world

I drink a lot of soda, iknow the acid is bad for me, if i drink water. Will it flush out thr acids?

Soft drinks cause dehydration. Dehydration turns the body acidic. An acidic environment is conducive to developing health problems.Without water nothing lives. There is no substitute for water. Wat... Read More »