How many years did Oprah Winfrey work?

Answer He has had a show on at 10 EST for the last seven months. 2/9/2010 was the last show.

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How many years can a massage therapist work for?

It depends on the type of massage that you'll do and your body mechanics as you do it. Some therapists are physically big and strong and some aren't. You have to find how to do effective treatmen... Read More »

How long does Propecia work in years?

On One Hand: About One YearHair generated with the help of Propecia will last about one year, according to the medical site Propecia is a FDA-approved pill developed to treat mode... Read More »

How many years of school do you need to work for the cia?

The 1990s brought a return of polyurethane-coated fabrics to the forefront of raincoat fashion.

Unused fridge still work if switched off 7 years?