How do doctors put you to sleep during an operation ?

Answer The IV will hurt a little bit. Thru the IV they will give you an injection immediately before surgery. Then a couple minutes later they put the gas mask on ya and tell you to count to 10. I made... Read More »

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Generally, Why do the doctors in operation room wear blue scrubs Why not any color?

because blood washes out of blue better than any other color, because blood is actually purple, which is a kind of blue.

Painful operation during angioplasty?

Doctors I was so sensitive to drugs when I worked at Alza Pharmecuticals the Nicoderm Patches in the Process Operation room gaveme bad skin and pimples the whole time why what chemicals?

Whats the stuff called that doctors use to put us to sleep?

It's called an anesthetic, generally used to facilitate surgery. Hope that's the answer you're looking for.