How do doctors operate on the lungs or heart when the ribs are in the way?

Answer Depending on the type of surgery they may have to use a rib spreader or actualy break the ribs. These days they're trying to work more with minit robotic tools & cameras in order to prevent having ... Read More »

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Can doctors use a pigs heart or a cows heart for a human heart transplant?

Let's think about size -- a cow's heart is simply too large to be placed in the existing spot in a human. It is true that a baboon's heart was placed in a baby, but she survived just one day with ... Read More »

Can a cardiovascular surgeon operate on lungs?

Cardiovascular surgeons are trained ONLY on the heart and blood vessels. A thoracic surgeon would handle the lungs.

Does a cardiovascular surgeon has authority to operate on lungs?

A pulmonologist isn't a surgeon.A CV surgeon frequently works on the lungs. Removing cancer, etc.

Your one year daughtr passes her stool very hard and doctors says her lungs has gas is this dangerous should you take this as a consideration?