How do doctors detect what newborn babies are allergic to?

Answer A doctor would have to draw a small sample of blood and test it.

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Can doctors detect stomach cancer whit a regular xray test?

1. X-ray can't reveal stomach cancer.2. An Ultra Sound, followed up by CT scanning and needle biopsy can reveal and confirm stomach cancer.3. All your symptoms cited-----------------an offshoot of... Read More »

How often do newborn babies eat?

From the age of 2-6 months, usually about 2-3 ounces every two hours :] I have two little brothers, one six months, which is how i know. Before two months and after six months i dont know though :]

Can newborn babies see?

A newborn baby is able to see. Newborns see best at fairly close distances from 8 to 12 inches. Newborns' eyes have a fixed focus, which allows them to see clearly close up.References:Find Articles... Read More »

Why do newborn babies always cry?

Newborn babies can't communicate by talking so they communicate by crying. If a newborn baby is crying they are likely telling you that they are either: hungry, tired, gassy, cold or hot.