How do digital pianos compare to real pianos?

Answer Digital pianos electronically reproduce the sounds of acoustic pianos. This key difference leads to a host of other differences that make it difficult for piano players to choose between the two. F... Read More »

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Digital Pianos Polyphony?

polyphonic means you can press more than one key simultaneously. the original Moog synthesizer only played one note at a time. later versions allowed several. limitations on the number of notes ... Read More »

The Difference Between Electronic Keyboards & Digital Pianos?

If you've ever considered purchasing an electronic keyboard, you might have gotten intimidated by all the various choices on the market. From synthesizers to organs and digital pianos to sampling k... Read More »

How old is too old for used pianos?

There is no age limit to used pianos. Check the sound board to ensure that there are no cracks. Make sure that the strings are intact and that the hammers on the keys (on the inside of the piano) a... Read More »

Hazards Associated With Pianos?

Pianos are beautiful musical instruments, but they also pose a threat to your health and safety. From simply playing the piano, some pianists suffer debilitating injuries throughout their musical c... Read More »