How do different liquids affect plant growth?

Answer You could use a variety of different liquids but doing an experiment using water, sugar water, tea and coffee shows that water is the best for plant growth and health then tea, coffee and finally s... Read More »

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What is the effect of different liquids on plant growth?

Different liquids have different contends of substances included. Acid will the plant. And a soda that is flavored will trigger the diffusion of water from the soil to plants due to balanced amount... Read More »

How do different soils affect plant growth?

Different plants require different soil types in order to thrive. Soil is classified by its particle size as well as by its pH. In addition, nutrients in the soil are important for plant growth.Typ... Read More »

Do different soils affect plant growth?

Different types of soil directly affect the growth of plants.The texture and structure of the soil have a direct impact on a plant's ability to form roots underground and take in nutrients. Soils t... Read More »

How Do Different Amounts of Fertilizer Affect Plant Growth?

Fertilizer is any substance such as manure or a mixture of nitrates used to make soil more fertile, states the Princeton University website. Organic and synthetic fertilizer is composed of macronut... Read More »