How do different hardware components enable hierarchy in a network?

Answer If you have a large network, you will have core devices. A core device will only route traffic from the world outside the network to other devices within the network or between devices within the ... Read More »

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Uses of Computer Hardware Components?

In computing, hardware refers to all the physical, tangible components that take up space. Unlike software, which are programs necessary for the computer to run, hardware can be seen and touched. A... Read More »

What are the two most important hardware components of a computer?

cpu and ramnot going in detail but you need it all for the thing to run but without a good amount of the above mentioned, you will be hating the computing experience.thats reality but if this helps... Read More »

What is the checklist of visual safety checks for hardware components?

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What is a hierarchy of related computers on a network is called?

A hierarchy of related computers on a network is called a domain. The domain is an interconnected group of computers and other network devices that can be accessed and controlled by a common set of... Read More »