How do detergents work in the washing process?

Answer A detergent is a substance, or a combination of substances, used to clean stains, spills and other messes. In the washing process, detergents take advantage of the different chemical structures of ... Read More »

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Detergents for High Efficiency Washing Machines?

The design of high efficiency washing machines has revolutionized the laundry cleaning process. By eliminating the agitator found in traditional front-loading machines, high efficiency machines can... Read More »

Are fragrance detergents or plain detergents better for laundry?

On One Hand: Plain DetergentsPlain laundry detergents, or those without added scents, are better for your skin and your clothes. Detergents with artificial scents can cause skin irritation and leav... Read More »

How to work the washing machine?

You have to use special soap in the dish washer. Look on the door and there is a little spot with a little door, that is where you put the soap in. Check under the sink ( that is where most people... Read More »

Why don't we use batteries to work a washing machine?

dishwashers use way too much electricity to be powered by tiny batteries. a battery powered dishwashers would last about 3 seconds.