How do describe this _symbol to someone who has that in their email address ?

Answer It is called an underscore

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I recieved customer care email stating that someone added their info to my account. What is this?

Did they ask you to respond to a link? Those are phisher's, looking for your info. NEVER respond to a link from a company, instead enter their web page from your computer---don't just copy the link... Read More »

How to Email Someone Using Their IP Address?

You can find someone's IP, or Internet protocol, address quite easily, as long as you have a direct transfer open with him. A direct transfer means there is information flowing over the Internet be... Read More »

Someone is hacking into my email address, how do I stop this?

change your password, do a full scan.even change your security answers.log out when not in use.

Who put the @ symbol in the email address?

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson chose the @ sign to separate user names from computer names in email addresses. At the time, the @ sign, or "at" sign, wasn't widely used in the computing world, so it was un... Read More »