How do department stores choose the music they play?

Answer They decide what the people like depending to what Cd's and itune's they pick and they put that in there stores. And if an artist wants there CD in a certain store they usually offer to split the p... Read More »

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How to Ignore the Creepy Music They Play on Halloween?

It's Halloween. You're enjoying an evening out Trick-Or-Treating, when you come to a house. From inside you can hear creepy music being played. Your breathing quickens, the hair on the back of your... Read More »

How to Clean Department Stores?

Department stores are large retail establishments that specialize in providing a wide array of items to consumers, such as groceries, home goods, electronics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, gardening... Read More »

What music do NASA play when they launch a rocket?

What style of belly dance music did they play in xena?

The belly dance music in the movie "Xena" is Middle Eastern in style. Middle Eastern-style music, with Turkish and Greek influences, is the traditional style of music for belly dancing.Source:Amazo... Read More »