How do courts determine when to award joint custody?

Answer Answer There is a great degree of variation among states. Joint legal custodyis routine in some states, but joint physical custody is not, and thefactors considered by the court for joint physical ... Read More »

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If the joint custody court order says the father is to carry health insurance and he does not will that be used in helping to determine custody?

Answer No, financial matters are separate from custodial issues. The matter of health insurance should be a part of the support order not a custodial one.

If a man and woman are not married but both are responsible professional people that do not get along will the courts rule against an order of joint custody?

Answer Most likely the courts will agree with whatever the two of you agree upon. If neither of you has an issue with sharing custody, then they will probably sign it that way.

How can you get joint custody or physical custody when mother has sole custody of child?

There is a difference between physical and legal custody. The court can award joint legal custody to the parents and determine that one parent will have physical custody. It can also award joint ph... Read More »

How do you determine the amount each parent pays per child on 50-50 joint custody?

Answer It goes by a % of the father's monthy income, I believe it's around 25% for the first child, and 17% for the second. Like, if a man makes about $900 a month he will pay about $250 a month. A... Read More »