How do coral reefs affect humans?

Answer The massive, stony structures known as coral reefs that are found in coastal waters provide food and other benefits to humans, but human activity threatens the very existence of the reefs.Coral Ree... Read More »

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How many coral reefs are there now?

Coral reefs are the equivalent of rain forests on the ocean floor. Approximately 70 percent of these living organisms around the globe have been destroyed due to humans, though the exact number tha... Read More »

What Do the Coral Reefs Do?

Coral reefs are among the most delicate, important and endangered ecosystems on earth. Thousands of square miles of coral reefs have been destroyed over the past few decades, and some marine biolo... Read More »

How are coral reefs being destroyed?

Coral reefs, some of the most delicate and complex ecosystems on the planet, are rapidly dying and being destroyed. The cause of most coral-reef destruction lies with human behavior.WeatherHurrican... Read More »

Where are coral reefs located?

Coral reefs usually form in shallow ocean waters in tropical regions, such as the South Pacific, Caribbean Sea and Indian Ocean. Although not tropical locales, Africa's Red Sea and Australia's Grea... Read More »