How do cookiecutter sharks get their name?

Answer Cookiecutter sharks (Isistius brasiliensis) earn their name by the circular bite wounds they inflict on their prey. These wounds are inflicted by the shark attaching itself to the prey with its lip... Read More »

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Can sharks grind their teeth?

Some of them can. They are called "Lone Sharks" and they typically use a rotary grinder or a disc grinder. The smart ones use eye protection, you can never be too safe.

How many teeth do whitetip sharks have all of their life?

All sharks have several rows of teeth, and the whitetip shark is no exception. When a shark loses a tooth, or the teeth become worn, teeth from the back rows move forward to fill the spaces. A whit... Read More »

What is the name of a family of sharks?

Several names exist for a group or family of sharks, including as "gam," "herd," "pod" and "shiver," according to Sharks World. Unlike fish, a group of sharks is not commonly referred to as a "scho... Read More »

What is a cookiecutter shark?

Predatory parasitic fish known as cookiecutter sharks, or Isistius brasiliensis, reside 11,500 feet below the ocean's surface in tropical and subtropical waters. The 20-inch sharks' bodies glow to ... Read More »