How do consumer miniDV camcorders of today compare to 8mm and Super 8mm?

Answer I believe those formats are analog so the difference would be like the difference between a VHS movie and a DVD movie.

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What can you tell me about MiniDv camcorders?

Most consumer miniDV vcams come w/ memory cards for stills (prosumer models up usually don't). MiniDV tape cassettes are relatively cheap; can serve as archive (12-15y?). Further, It's also used in... Read More »

Consumer camcorders and editing software?

For the most part, best video quality is from DV format - the same format captured to miniDV tape.In the Macintosh environment, ALL Macs beginning about 10 years ago came with a firewire400 port st... Read More »

How do Gl2 and DVX 1000b camcorders compare to T2i's framesize?

virtually all CCD sensors are manufactured in the 4:3 aspect ratio, including these 3 examples. so yes, when shooting in any other aspect, the picture is cropped and some of the pixels are not use... Read More »

How do I compare consumer mattresses?

Examine MattressesCompare firmness levels. Lie on a soft, medium and firm mattress at a local store to determine which type feels best to you.Examine materials. Innerspring and memory foam mattress... Read More »