How do condo owners fight the management company?

Answer Depending on your governing documents, usually, the responsibility for preserving, maintaining and protecting the communally owned assets belongs to the board of directors.The board of directors --... Read More »

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Can a condo maintenance company be fired by the owners?

Usually vendors are contracted with condominium communities by the board of directors or by the property management company. Owners can document complaints and take them to the board, but it's up t... Read More »

Is it illegal for a property management company of a condo complex to withhold an agreement from fha unless they receive a confidentiality agreement from the mortgage company?

Yes, the State of Colo, If someone is managing residential property 4 units or less that is not theirs, they have to have a Active Real Estate License.

Can a person on a condo board own the property management company?

It is apparently at least a conflict of interest if the board member owns the property management company hired by the condominium association to manage the condominium community.Review your govern... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of a condo association hiring a management company?

It is important when an association hires a management company, that the company have earned a proven track record of managing condominiums. Condominium-savvy management companies are usually affil... Read More »