How do concave and convex mirrors differ?

Answer Concave and convex mirrors are both a type of spherical mirror, which means they both have a surface that bends. The main difference between the two is how that surface will bend, and why. A concav... Read More »

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Explain Convex & Concave Mirrors?

Convex and concave mirrors differ from flat mirrors in that they distort reflections by the nature of their shape. Convex and concave mirrors are manufactured with the same components and use the s... Read More »

Is a car mirror concave or convex?

Convex mirrors are used in car wing-mirrors on the passenger side because they display a larger view than a size-equivalent planar (flat) mirror. The driver's-side morror is a flat mirror.Source:Ph... Read More »

Is a make-up mirror convex or concave?

According to AZO Optics, a make-up mirror is concave. Concave mirrors enlarge the image they reflect, which allows people looking in the mirror to examine their features closely. Concave mirrors al... Read More »

How to Replace Concave & Convex Automotive Freeze Plugs?

When engine blocks are cast at the factory, natural air holes remain behind as a result of the casting process. The casting holes have circular designs, so that a convenient plug can be installed t... Read More »