How do compression stockings stay up?

Answer Compression stockings have a wide grip band at the top or a silicone dot band to keep the stocking firmly in place, whether knee-high or thigh-high. Compression stockings without a grip top can be ... Read More »

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Why do you need compression stockings after sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure used since the 1930s to treat non-painful varicose and spider veins. A solution is injected into the vein that causes the vein to inflame and stick together, f... Read More »

Can you sleep in compression stockings?

It is not recommended to sleep wearing compression stockings overnight. If removing them at bedtime, it is recommended that you sleep flat with your feet elevated approximately 2 inches by pillows.... Read More »

How long should I wear compression stockings?

On One Hand: Certain Medical Conditions Require Daily UseCompression stockings are required for certain medical conditions, including venous ulcers, varicose veins and lymphedema (fluid retention).... Read More »

How Well Do Compression Stockings Work on Edema?

Edema is a swelling caused by fluid build-up in the body’s tissues. This medical condition can occur anywhere in the body but most often develops in a person’s lower extremities. Doctors may re... Read More »