How do companies pay dividends?

Answer Dividends are one way to earn a return on a stock investment. They are paid from retained earnings and represent a distribution of partial ownership to the stockholders. Five things that a company ... Read More »

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Why Do Companies Issue Dividends?

Large, established companies usually offer dividends on their stock shares. By offering constant payouts in exchange for the investment, these corporations appeal to a wider base of potential inves... Read More »

How do companies calculate dividends?

There is no set of rules that dictates how a company determines how much dividend to pay. Each company sets it own dividend policy. It is important to understand the dividend payout strategy of the... Read More »

How to Find Out When Companies Pay Dividends?

As an investor, you may budget your personal finances around regular dividend payments. Cash dividends may either be spent on important living expenses, or they can be reinvested into financial mar... Read More »

Why do companies issue stock dividends?

A dividend is a payment, either in the form of money, known as cash dividends, or shares of stock--stock dividends. Both cash and stock dividends are issued by a publicly owned company to investors... Read More »