How do colleges deal with outside scholarships I'm still a bit confused!?

Answer While itis technically true that you can not be over awarded on Title IV funding (federal funding from the FAFSA), if eligible for pell and subsidized loans these are awarded first. Then unsub and ... Read More »

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I am so confused! Would like to buy a digital camera and have seen the comparison sites but still confused?

it's difficult within that budget, you may need to rethink and consider bottom level SLR's like the Nikon D40/50. But the first thing you need to do is ignore comparison sites, find a decent local ... Read More »

Am really confused about applying for scholarships!?

Hello how are you? What I suggest that you do is use a scholarship search. A scholarship search allows you to create a profile and receive information for all the scholarships that you are eligible... Read More »

Confused and am feeling weird - fainted never happened before and AF came but still some nausea lightheaded fluttering left side - tested negative Is it still possible to be pregnant?

Answer Yes - most times you will have to take more than one test - the best is a blood test by your doctor. Also, it sounds like it would be in your best interest to see your doctor concerning thi... Read More »

Colleges That Deal With Cooking?

Culinary Arts is the degree program offered by colleges that prepares students for a career as a chef. With this degree a student can find a job in someone else's kitchen or be an executive chef, c... Read More »