How do college students vote in pennsylvania?

Answer As long as college students are registered to vote in Pennsylvania by each election's deadline, they may vote. If you're not yet registered, visit VotesPA's "How to Register" page to learn the step... Read More »

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How to Register to Vote in Pennsylvania?

Before you can vote in any local, state or federal election, you must be properly registered with the state in which you live. In order to register to vote in the state of Pennsylvania, you must fi... Read More »

Who can vote in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania holds closed primary elections, which means that people may vote in a party's primary only if they are members of that party. Therefore, only registered Democrats may vote... Read More »

Can independents vote in a Pennsylvania primary?

Independents, or voters who do not claim affiliation with any political party, can vote in general elections but not in Pennsylvania's primary elections. The Pennsylvania Department of State only a... Read More »

Anglian college London has been suspended two days ago.College is responsible to refund students fee or not?

Hi, I am not studying in the college, but my sister is. Its just been few months she started the course and now I came to know that the college has been suspended. Whatever happens, we must know w... Read More »