How do clams produce their shells?

Answer Like a suit of armor, a clam's hard shell protects it against predators. The shell is formed from an accumulation of deposits found in the ocean water. Technically speaking, a shell is a clam's exo... Read More »

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How do clams&other mollusks produce their shells?

Clams and several other mollusks produce and maintain shells that grow as they mature. These sea creatures secrete their shell material from an inner structure called the mantle.MollusksMollusks co... Read More »

How do clams make their shells?

Clam's spend their entire lives within the same shell. Their shell protects them from predators and the potentially harsh environment of the ocean floor. A clam cannot survive without its shell, an... Read More »

Can clams produce pearls?

All mollusks that can grow their own shells can form pearls, so clams certainly can. However, there are only certain mollusks whose pearls are sought after for jewelry and therefore have value.Sour... Read More »

In the poem She shells sea shells by the sea shore?

it's 'she sells sea shells by the sea shore', not 'she shells sea shells by the sea shore'.