How do chickens hatch?

Answer Chickens and other birds hatch from fertilized eggs that are incubated, allowing the birds to continue growing before they hatch into baby chicks. Chicks can be hatched under a hen's belly or in an... Read More »

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How do I hatch baby chickens?

You can hatch baby chickens naturally by a brooding hen, but if you don't have a brooding hen available, you can hatch baby chickens in an incubator.By carefully selecting hatching eggs, following ... Read More »

How to Use Chickens to Hatch Duck Eggs?

More and more individuals are choosing to hatch duck eggs, in choice or in place of chicken eggs. There are a few different ways to hatch ducklings, but using a chicken is perhaps the most simple m... Read More »

How to Hatch Peacocks?

The common name for peafowl--peacock--refers to the male peafowl. Females, referred to as peahens, lack the showy display of tail feathers. Peafowl egg hatching requirements are similar to turkey e... Read More »

How to Hatch Triops?

A basic and easy guide of how to hatch your triops (written by an experienced triop raiser)