How do chess clocks work?

Answer Chess clocks are timing devices used most often in tournament play to prevent prolonged games and to give opponents equal amounts of time to move. There are two types of chess clocks: analog and di... Read More »

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How to Check Your Efficiency at Work with Chess Clocks?

Are you productive? Could you be more productive? Are you a good employee or do you spend too much time during the smoking break or the break to go downstairs and down the road a bit to that coffee... Read More »

How do pendulum clocks work?

Pendulum clocks work through a series of gears that are incrementally released by the movement of the pendulum. In the 15th century, discoveries about the physics of the pendulum allowed inventors ... Read More »

How do satellite atomic clocks work?

A satellite atomic clock is a satellite-mounted clock that measures time based on nuclear radiation. People all over the world can connect to these satellites to get a very accurate time.StructureA... Read More »

What iPod docking clocks work with the iPod Shuffle?

The Sony iPod Compatible Clock Radio is compatible with several types of iPods, including the Shuffle, Touch, Mini, Nano and Classic. The Jensen JIMS-195 Digital Music System can similarly handle s... Read More »