How do chemical heat packs work?

Answer Chemical heat packs are used to treat sports injuries or simply to keep warm when working outside. The chemical compounds inside a heat pack react to create an exothermic reaction---also known as h... Read More »

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How do heat packs work?

Heat packs are used to treat injuries, especially those of athletes, to provide warmth and to loosen injured muscles. Chemical reactions are responsible for the heat energy produced in heat packs.T... Read More »

What is the chemical in hot packs?

Instant hot packs generate heat by causing a controlled chemical reaction. When mixed with water, certain chemicals give off heat as a byproduct, which in turns works as a therapeutic compress for ... Read More »

How long do chemical hot packs stay hot?

Chemical heat packs vary in the amount of time they stay hot. Packs range from 5 to 18 hours each. They also vary in size, from small hand warmers to large warmers for the back or body. Typically, ... Read More »

Who invented portable chemical hot packs?

Niichi Matoba, who founded the Japanese company Hakukin-kairo (Hakkin warmer), is credited with being the inventor of portable chemical hot packs in 1923. Matoba used the name kairo for his inventi... Read More »