How do changes in the tax law affect how to donate a car?

Answer If you donate your used vehicle to charity, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) lets you take a tax deduction. The tax law changes regarding car donations impact the value of the deduction you are a... Read More »

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Do name changes affect legal documents?

Name changes do not affect legal documents. When you change your name, you will need to take steps to change your name on your legal documents, beginning with your Social Security card.References:R... Read More »

Do time changes affect the hour a train arrives at the station?

In the fall when the clock turns back an hour, Amtrak stops all trains, even if passengers are on board, to remain on schedule. In the spring, when the clock moves forward an hour, train passengers... Read More »

How did the Cold War during the 1970's affect changes in homeland security?

The department of Homeland Security, as such, did not exist until after the 9.ll attacks in 200l, so you are putting the cart before the horse. True there have always been such things as Civil Defe... Read More »

Will these changes affect the function of a XV250 Route 66 (1990)?

As long as brakes work there shouldn't be any problem other than changing the arrow direction on the tire rotation.The forks may effect handling so take care getting used to that set-up.