How do cellphone transmissions&signals work?

Answer Cell phones have become integral to the daily lives of most Americans in a short period of time. We know how vital they are in our lives, but most of us have no idea how they work. The explanation ... Read More »

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Will buying a new battery work for this cellphone?

if ur phone has alternative charging methods, like usb or car charging, try them. Otherwise, buying a battery will work but even with very minimal use, u will be pushing it to try and get it to hol... Read More »

How can i convince my parents to get me a cellphone! and the standard, everyone has one doesnt work!!! help!?

Give them reasons that make sense to them.1. You will be able to check in with them no matter where you are.2. You will always be able to contact them in an emergency.3. They can reach you easier.E... Read More »

My daughter is ten years old and she want a cellphone.i give her the cellphone or not?

seriously what does a 10yr old need a cell phone for? Other than a status symbol?

Hear others cellphone conversation in your cellphone?

Answer yes you can by calling them at same time, if you have the elite06 celphone that is new it is 1000.00