How do cats play?

Answer Cats enjoy a wide range of play, usually achieved through simple means found in most environments. Cats are well-known for having an endless imagination when it comes to enjoying themselves.Hunting... Read More »

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How do cats like to play?

Even house cats are predators at heart. When they play, they imagine the toy is a mouse scurrying through the grass or a bird flying just out of reach overhead. Almost any cat will play if it has i... Read More »

How to Play With Cats?

Love your cat, but don't know how to play with them? Want to entertain your fluffy friend, but don't want to spend money on fancy toys? Get your favourite brew (Coffee, beer, cordial etc.) and read... Read More »

Why do cats play fight?

If it seems that your cats spend most of their time locked in mortal combat, don't fret--the "fighting" that we as humans perceive is more often play for cats.HunterCats are natural born hunters. W... Read More »

Cats & Play Aggression?

Play aggression is a natural part of a kitten's development. It is a time when it learns predatory skills, such as stalking, pouncing and playful biting. This can be disconcerting to an owner who d... Read More »