How do cats like to play?

Answer Even house cats are predators at heart. When they play, they imagine the toy is a mouse scurrying through the grass or a bird flying just out of reach overhead. Almost any cat will play if it has i... Read More »

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Which music instrument(s) do you play play or would you like to play?

How do cats play?

Cats enjoy a wide range of play, usually achieved through simple means found in most environments. Cats are well-known for having an endless imagination when it comes to enjoying themselves.Hunting... Read More »

Cats & Play Aggression?

Play aggression is a natural part of a kitten's development. It is a time when it learns predatory skills, such as stalking, pouncing and playful biting. This can be disconcerting to an owner who d... Read More »

Why do cats play fight?

If it seems that your cats spend most of their time locked in mortal combat, don't fret--the "fighting" that we as humans perceive is more often play for cats.HunterCats are natural born hunters. W... Read More »