How do cars with low suspensions go over speed bumps?

Answer they dont. IF they must, at an angle. They usually have some sort of protection under the car though.

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Do Speed Bumps Mess Up Cars?

Speed bumps are also known as sleeping policemen and are a method of slowing down traffic. They can cause a variety of damage to low-ground-clearance vehicles such as sports models, even at slow sp... Read More »

Whatis the case lawthatsays "Where several cars traveling inmass over the posted speed, their speed is legal"?

Actually it says, you are supposed to keep up with the flow of traffic. ~

Who invented speed bumps?

Arthur Holly Compton, a former Washington University Chancellor, is credited as the creator of the very first speed bump. After observing speeding motorists, Compton took it upon himself to design... Read More »

What's your opinion of speed bumps?

They're fun to hit going really fast and try to get some air under the vehicle, but everyone here has started goin to multiple tiny speed bumps so they don't mess up your