How do carnivorous plants digest food?

Answer Carnivorous plants are truly unique. These plants not only get nutrients from the soil, they also attract and kill small insects. The reason is that the soil alone does not provide enough nutrients... Read More »

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How to Raise Carnivorous Plants?

Are your Venus Flytraps or other carnivorous plants dying? Here's a quick guide to keep those little things happy and hungry (along with a lot of other carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants, su... Read More »

How do carnivorous plants reproduce?

Carnivorous plants rely on insects as a source of nutrition but still carry out all the standard biological processes like other plants. Photosynthesis and reproduction are done same way as more mu... Read More »

How to Fertilize Carnivorous Plants?

Carnivorous plants thrive mainly on moist soil and insects, unlike most other plant breeds that require water and fertilizer that contain many nutrients. Since carnivorous plants rely on insects as... Read More »

Do carnivorous plants eat animals?

Some carnivorous plants, such as the Asian pitcher, can eat small animals, according to National Geographic. However, most carnivorous plants only eat insects and animals that accidentally fall int... Read More »