How do car mirrors work?

Answer Car mirrors are highly reflective pieces of glass that are strategically placed inside and outside of a vehicle in order to help a driver see multiple angles without having to turn her head around.... Read More »

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How do one-way mirrors work?

One-way mirrors, also known as two-way mirrors, allow people on one side of the glass to view people on the other side, while the subjects see only a silvered mirror instead of their observers.Term... Read More »

How Do Magnifying Mirrors Work?

There may come a time when you have to mount a tire on a wheel, and not have access to a repair shop. While a professional with a tire mounting machine can mount a tire in under a minute, it can be... Read More »

How do two-sided mirrors work?

Two-sided mirrors are more window than mirror. They function as a window does when you are inside with the lights on at night. You see your reflection in the window, someone outside sees you.A Norm... Read More »

How Do Fogless Mirrors Work?

Fogless mirrors are used to provide a clear and therefore usable surface in any conditions. While mainly used in bathrooms, they are also available in some automobiles. Does this Sp... Read More »