How do camera flashes over time cause damage to objects?

Answer Like in a museum???Paints and pigments can fade with incorrect lighting. Flashes are brief, but very "hot", and are comparable to sunlight in intensity. Some pigments and some glass objects can als... Read More »

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Red light camera flashes when half way through an intersection in NSW Australia?

Could have just been for the car turning right, but you may have got caught in the frame too, so be ready to fight it if it does come up, you can ask for the picture to prove you were across before... Read More »

When I shut my eyes at night, I see white flashes - like a camera flash. Am I going blind?

Yep, I would definitely go to an eye doctor and get a retinal exam immediately. Flashes are one of the primary symptoms of a retinal detachment, and retinal detachment can easily blind you.

I just purchased a new memory card for an Olympus camedia digital camera I'm having problems getting it to work after telling it not to format and card error flashes?

Who decides extending claims period time for home damage in large hail storms currently 1 year but not enough time for contractors to handle all potential claims?

That depends. If the renter has their own flood insurance then the renter could certainly file a claim on it they have a flood loss. If your asking can the renter file a claim on the Property owne... Read More »