How do hamsters mate?

Answer If you are considering breeding hamsters, remember that they can give birth to litters of up to 20 and that, according to Ask the Vet, pet stores are already well-supplied with hamsters. Hamsters a... Read More »

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Is Coffee-Mate bad for you?

On One Hand: Absence of Trans FatFat Free, Sugar Free and Original Coffee-Mate do not have any trans fat. And although hydrogenated oil (hydrogen-treated fat) is on the list of ingredients, the amo... Read More »

How to Get Dogs to Mate?

Mating dogs isn't as simple as throw them together and letting them mate. Here's some advice on how to mate the dogs.

How do mice mate?

When in heat, female mice produce pheromones that attract male mice. Sperm from the male's penis is introduced to the female through the vaginal opening.Sexual MaturityMale and female mice become s... Read More »

How to Mate a 9 Pin SD Card to a 4 Pin USB?

SD card are portable memory devices used in digital cameras and some wireless phones. Although some computers come with a built in SD card reader, others require that you connect a reader to one of... Read More »