How do cactuses survive in the desert?

Answer they survive because the have long roots that go down in search of water, they don't get hot because they don't have big leaves, also their insides are full of water storage! Cactuses have very lo... Read More »

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How to Survive in the Desert?

When driving through the desert, the road seems endless. There is nothing around for miles and miles. Nothing but desert plants, dry sand, and heat. If your car should break down, and you find your... Read More »

How to Survive on a Desert Island?

A desert island may sound inhospitable, but with the proper knowledge, anyone can survive on one.

How do cactus survive in the desert?

Cacti (plural) is a common name given to a group of xerophytic plants (adapted to dry regions).They are able to survive to to a number of unique adaptations to their morphology.They have long roots... Read More »

How do cactus plants survive in the desert?

Cactus (as most desert plants) plants survive in near desert conditions, on almost no water. They manage this because of several adaptations to their stems and leaves that they have developed over... Read More »