How do cactuses adapt to their environments?

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How does a cactus adapt to different environments?

Most cactus are very slow growing, and do not acclimate well to different environments from where they are native. Like most plants, however, they can adapt slightly to different humidity, temperat... Read More »

How are cactuses adapted to their environment?

Cacti do not have spikes to protect them from predators, they have them, believe it or not, to give them shade so that they wouldn't have to use up as much water, the "protect from predators" part ... Read More »

How can a teacher adapt their classroom or items in their class room to accommodate a child with special needs?

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The dog is a majestic animal. All over the world, man's best friend is misunderstood, under exercised and stressed. To maintain his comfort and correct self-being, the domesticated dog has his own ... Read More »