How do cactus plants survive in the desert?

Answer Cactus (as most desert plants) plants survive in near desert conditions, on almost no water. They manage this because of several adaptations to their stems and leaves that they have developed over... Read More »

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How do cactus survive in the desert?

Cacti (plural) is a common name given to a group of xerophytic plants (adapted to dry regions).They are able to survive to to a number of unique adaptations to their morphology.They have long roots... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Desert Cactus Plants?

Cactus get their name from the Greek word "kaktos," meaning "thistle." One of the most familiar cactus is the aloe vera whose spiny stems are filled with a gel that is soothing to burns. Though sl... Read More »

What are some good flowering desert plants. Very hot & dry area. (no cactus please)?

I know what you want? Hot, dry is a few examples... leucophyllum, lavender. taxus, yew, achilles, yarrow, ceanothus, salavia (many types), rosemarinus officinalls, ... if I am on the ri... Read More »

How do prickly pear cactus plants survive?

The main way by which the prickly pear cactus [Opuntia spp] survives is through growing low to the ground. It does so as a plant that sports prickly pads, or as one that has low branching arms. Thi... Read More »