How do cactus plants adapt to their habitats?

Answer Cactus plants adapt to their extreme habitats by specializing body parts and functions. For example, the roots concentrate on anchoring the plant and on capturing nutrients and water from the soil.... Read More »

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What are cactus habitats?

Answer #1: They are found mostly in desert areas.Answer #2: There are two main native cactus habitats. One is the hot, dry desert. The other is the warm, humid jungle forest. But the cactus is a mo... Read More »

How does a cactus adapt in a desert?

It all depends on the place it is in. In a particular desert there is an ocean nearby. The water condensates and then the cacti take all of the moisture in. It keeps that for a long time. Any wat... Read More »

How does a cactus adapt to different environments?

Most cactus are very slow growing, and do not acclimate well to different environments from where they are native. Like most plants, however, they can adapt slightly to different humidity, temperat... Read More »

What Kind of Plants Share the Same Habitats in the Ocean?

The ocean is the earth's largest habitat, covering more than two-thirds of the surface of the planet. But within the ocean there are several habitat types, where the plant and animal life differ gr... Read More »