How do brass instruments work?

Answer Brass instruments create their distinctively noble sounds through the combination of a metal mouthpiece, tubular valves or slides, and the player's own ear for pitch.DefinitionA brass instrument us... Read More »

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What Instruments Are in a Brass Band?

Brass instruments have a part in many Western music ensembles with standard homes in everything from orchestral music to concert bands to jazz. When they're not playing as a part of larger, multi-i... Read More »

How are woodwind and brass instruments different?

Both brass and woodwind instruments involve, at a basic level, the amplification of sound. What primarily separates the two groups of instruments is the presence or absence of a small wooden reed.B... Read More »

Allora Brass Instruments?

Allora Instruments is a company that mass produces several types of instruments intended for creating music, including brass family instruments. Brass instruments are instruments that require the p... Read More »

How do brass instruments make sound?

Sound is produced when an object vibrates and creates waves in the air. Instruments are classified by how they create those vibrations. Brass instruments, for example, have their own unique way of ... Read More »