How do brain cell become immune to MDMA and other drugs?

Answer It's brain damage, you're building tolerance due to dendrite depletion. The receptors which allow the drug to work are damaged by the drug itself, the more of them that get damaged, the more of the... Read More »

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Which drugs dont cause permanent brain damage?

none but mariguna is the safest drug having no addictive qualities

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME:: If the drugs used in chemotherapy damn near kills ever good and bad cell why can't it?

Viruses aren't cells. They are particles that take over cells and direct them to replicate the virus particles. They aren't killed in the same way as normal cells or cancer cells are killed. So no ... Read More »

Can cell phones really cause brain cancer?

No. There is no clinical scientific evidence that cell phones cause brain cancer in human beings.ACS: Cellular Phones…"there is now considerable epidemiolo... Read More »

Do cell phones cause brain cancer?

Studies being made now show that within 10 years time a cell phone user can develop brain cancer. However, you've probably read these articles. If not, google them and I'm sure they'll come up.