How do bonsai leaves stay small?

Answer Bonsai leaves become smaller, and stay small, as a result of regular pruning, and pinching off of leaves. plus the fact, that they are containerized.The pruning and pinching, causes the tree to dev... Read More »

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Do bonsai plants lose their leaves?

The art of bonsai, miniaturing trees, includes a wide variety of trees and plants, such as maple, sumac, walnut and other deciduous trees. Evergreen bonsai leaves usually don't drop off in the fal... Read More »

Do bonsai plants lose their leaves in the winter?

Whether a bonsai plant loses its leaves in winter depends on the type of tree the bonsai comes from. If the bonsai plant has leaves and was kept outdoors, chances are it is derived from a deciduous... Read More »

My outdoor Bonsai Maple's leaves are turning black, can someone please tell me why?

Can be too much sun or aphids eggs under the leaves.

Flowering Plants With Leaves That Resemble Small Hollyhock Leaves?

The common hollyhock, a staple of cottage gardens, is known botanically as Alcea rosea. It is a tall biennial plant, grown for its showy single (five petals) or double flowers in shades of white, y... Read More »