How do birds get in a chimney pipe?

Answer Birds are often attracted to chimney pipes because they are warm, relatively safe locations for them to build nests. Unfortunately, they can become trapped in a chimney or cause house fires if thei... Read More »

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Which Birds Build Their Nests on Top of a Chimney?

Chimneys hold an attraction for all kinds of birds. Some flock to the chimneys on cold mornings for the heat. Others find chimneys resemble naturally occurring geographic features that they find de... Read More »

How do i clean a chimney pipe?

Top-down MethodSeal the fireplace opening to prevent soot from entering the household. Select a chimney brush that is as long as the height of chimney. Lower the chimney brush from the top of the c... Read More »

Can chimney pipe be run through sheetrock?

According to, chimney pipe can be ran through sheetrock, but only if you use Class A double or triple wall chimney pipe. This has air in between the layers to insulate it properly so thi... Read More »

Does a pellet stove use a chimney pipe?

All wood-burning pellet stoves utilize a chimney pipe to ventilate combustion fumes and smoke. Some pellet stoves are designed as fireplace inserts that vent through a metal duct installed inside t... Read More »