How do birds find food?

Answer Birds spend most of their lives searching for food and call upon a wide variety of tools to get their nutritional needs met, ranging from sight to smell to hearing.SightFor the most part, birds fin... Read More »

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How do birds chew food?

Birds have a complicated digestive system and use both their beaks and their stomachs to chew their food.BeakBirds often use their beaks or bills to break apart seeds, insects and other food. Many ... Read More »

Bird Food for Colored Birds?

The best way to attract a variety of brightly colored birds is to provide a wide variety of types of bird food. Things to consider when choosing wild bird food are what type of birds are attracted ... Read More »

Can wild birds eat guinea pig food?

Guinea pig pellets are made from plants, seeds and vegetables. These are foods that birds typically eat, so it's likely that wild birds will eat guinea pig pellets if they have access to them. This... Read More »

How to Feed Baby Birds Cat Food?

If you find a lost or abandoned baby bird, you may find yourself suddenly playing Mama Bird. After warming the little one in your hands, your most urgent duty is to feed the baby. Feeding a baby bi... Read More »