How do birds find birdfeeders?

Answer Birds find birdfeeders primarily by sight. The presence of nearby water and good bird habitat---and the lack of predator access---also helps birds find feeders. The type of seed favored by differen... Read More »

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Do robins eat at birdfeeders?

Robins do not eat bird seed, as their digestive systems cannot process seed. Robins can sometimes be attracted to a bird feeder if you put out slices of apples, berries or different varieties of m... Read More »

How do I keep coons out of birdfeeders?

Attach a PipeAttach a pipe around the outside of the bird feeder post that moves when the raccoon tries to climb it. Try to use a pipe that is smooth, such as PVC pipe. Measure a piece of the pipe ... Read More »

How to Protect Birdfeeders from the Weather?

Using recycling bins is a FREE and useful way to protect birdfeeder seeds from getting wet and moldy from snow, sleet, rain. The protectors also help recycle and stretch your imagination.

How do birds find food?

Birds spend most of their lives searching for food and call upon a wide variety of tools to get their nutritional needs met, ranging from sight to smell to hearing.SightFor the most part, birds fin... Read More »