How do bees use cells in a bee hive?

Answer The comb cells in a bee hive are of a hexagonal (six sided) shape and have three main purposes.1) Raising of brood. The queen bee will lay an egg in an empty cell and after three days the egg will ... Read More »

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How many queen bees in a hive?

What time of day do bees return to the hive?

It really depends on where you live and the temperature climate. Since spring is coming up, bees will try to maximize their pollen intake for the hive leaving the hive earlier and coming back later... Read More »

How do I destroy a small hive of bees hanging from the door to my shed?

You can throw gasoline on them and it will kill them instantly..NO NEED to Burn them At All though.... The Gas alone will work faster than the sprays you can buy over the counter...

Can sucking with a vacuum cleaner all of the honey bees as they exit and enter the hive entrance through a hole in a wall in your building get rid of them?

You might be able to kill a few this way, but what you are going to succeed in doing is making them very, VERY angry! When you go to empty the vacuum you will have a swarm sized problem on your han... Read More »