How do bees pollinate crops and why is this important?

Answer When a bee visits a flower to forage for nectar, some of the flower's pollen rubs off the stamens on to the bee's body. The bee then moves on to another flower and some of the pollen on the bee's b... Read More »

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How do bees pollinate flowers?

Bees are attracted to flowers by their bright colours and their desire to collect nectar. Nectar tends to be found close to the base of the petals and as the bee attempts to reach it the bee brushe... Read More »

How Do Bees Pollinate Apples?

All apple trees require cross-pollination to set fruit. Cross-pollination transfers pollen from one species of tree to another species. Even self-pollinating trees produce higher yields if cross-po... Read More »

Why do bees pollinate flowers?

Flowers are reproduction centers for plants. To reproduce, most plants need to spread pollen to other flowers to make seeds. To help with this job, they attracts bees in a mutually beneficial relat... Read More »

Do bees pollinate pecan trees?

No. Pecan trees develop both male and female flowers. In some varieties of pecan trees, male flowers develop first while in other varieties female nutlets develop first. To prevent self-fertilizati... Read More »