How do babies breathe while nursing?

Answer by using there lungus and breathing through there nose

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Why do babies breathe faster than an adult?

Because They Lung Might Not Be Stronger Than Adult

Can newborn babies breathe underwater?

While some mothers choose to give birth in water, a newborn baby cannot breathe under water. When a baby is in the uterus, he receives oxygen from the umbilical cord but not does engage in breathin... Read More »

Is it harmful for babies to breathe in baby powder?

If in large amounts, yes, but I don't think people would put harmful substances in something meant for BABIES. To the contrary: Tricalcium Phosphate when inhaled is harmful. Here is the proof. Th... Read More »

What kind of nursing jobs deal with babies?

any kind of E.R. doctor or RN, a pediatrician, a neonatal nurse practicioner(working in the NICU or delivering babies)