How do avoid the military draft?

Answer By joining the military after finishing high school.Or:If it is the US draft, don't worry about it. The US hasn't used the draft since the Vietnam War.

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How to Avoid a Draft?

Every once in a while, a country's military calls for more recruits than it can actually get. This may result in a draft. If you find yourself being pulled into a war and you don't believe in it, i... Read More »

Why did people avoid the draft during Vietnam war?

Under the disguise of "war being immoral", the vast majority of draft dodgers simply feared military service (read "Boot Camp"). During the 1960's, US Army/Marine Corp boot camps were not political... Read More »

When was the military draft used?

The United States military implemented a draft, or conscripted service, shortly before the onset of World War II and did not end the draft until the end of the Vietnam War in 1973. Although the dra... Read More »

Who created the military draft?

Conscription, also known as the military draft, is the required service in a nation's military. Conscription was created by the Babylonians during the reign of Hammurabi around 1792 B.C. In modern ... Read More »