How do automatic cars work?

Answer An automatic car works by using an automatic transmission coupled to a torque converter. The transmission shifts based on the speed of the vehicle by using electronic and hydraulic systems. Some au... Read More »

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Why do most people prefer to drive stick shift cars rather than automatic cars Are stick shifts better?

I thought most people prefer automatics. But sticks are more fun and keep you busy.

My cars an automatic?

Yeah , my watch is the same , it doesn't tell the time , i have to keep looking at it !!

Are automatic cars more expensive?

As a general rule, you should always expect to pay a few hundred dollars more for an automatic transmission. For example, a comparably equipped 2010 Honda Accord LX Sedan costs $21,055 with a manua... Read More »

What does L stand for in automatic cars?

The L in automatic cars stands for low as in manual low gear. Using the gear allows you to stop the transmission from shifting based on the throttle position or load being towed. The gear is good f... Read More »